Hi, I'm D.D.Cameron.

I write stories.

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"Come with me, and you'll be,

in a world of pure imagination."

This is my story.

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The idea of writing stories never occurred to me until I was in my mid-thirties. Now I'm hooked and can't imagine life without a pen in my hand. Having absorbed everything I could about the craft of storytelling, I realised my true joy was in writing for children and young adults. So far I have published three comedic children's novels (see below), and now I'm hard at work on a series of cinematic fantasy adventure books for young adult readers.

Stories make you fly

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I love stories. Telling them. Reading them. Watching them. Stories take you anywhere you want to go, no limitations beyond your own imagination. That is why I write.

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Stories make you feel.

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It's that genuine bond with a character who isn't real. It's that sense of wonder and possibility. It's those moments when words make you laugh, make you cry, make you rage, make you love. To me, that is the power of story.

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These are my stories

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Blue and orange book cover for Vicki Sponge and the Land of the Rising Bun

Vicki Sponge and the Land of the Rising Bun

Age 7-9

Can you imagine how awful it would be to have the same name as a spongecake? To have people constantly laughing at you, and worse, be forced to live with a horrid grandmother who makes you work in a bakery where the most popular cake is the same as your name? Well, that’s what Victoria Sponge has to deal with… until the day she is whisked away on an extraordinary mission to save The Land of The Rising Bun. A hysterical story filled with lashings of laughter, heaps of heart, and oodles of freshly baked absurdity. Welcome to the world of Vicki Sponge.

Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl's James and The Giant Peach, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and the books of David Walliams. And for every kid who enjoys baking or eating cake!

Mother Christmas

Age 8-12

Mother Christmas is a heart-melting and hilarious true story that turns everything you thought you knew about Christmas upside down and inside out. In this magical tale, one very special eleven-year-old named Lumi Noëlle – a black British girl from a poverty-stricken mixed-race family – is catapulted out of her grim London council estate and into the fantastical lands of Snowhere Over The Rainbow… where Mother Christmas secretly lives. With a naughtiness epidemic making Christmas fall apart and an exasperated Mother Christmas calling it quits, only Lumi can make the world correct its course and reignite The Fire of Festive Spirit inside each and every one of us.

Perfect for fans of A Boy Called Christmas (Matt Haig) and Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas (Sibéal Pounder) – this is the book that changes Christmas forevermore.

Red book cover for Mother Christmas
Purple book cover for Izzy Izzawitch: The Witch Which Wished She Wasn't a Witch

Izzy Izzawitch: The Witch Which Wished She Wasn't a Witch

Age 7-9

What if, one foggy day, someone accused you of being a cute and beautiful witch who loves musicals… and everyone believed it was true?! I know, what a nightmare. Well, that’s exactly what happens to Izzy Izzawitch, and if she can’t rescue her black cat Snuggle Monster from the clutches of the glamourous Princesca Princessawitch, Izzy might just end up a beautiful Songwitch… forever. Noooooo. A hilarious tale filled with crazy characters, spellbinding spells and stupendously silly songs, this is a story of witches like you have never read before. Prepare to let your belly ache with laughter and your heart soar to the stars.

Perfect for fans of Witch Wars (Sibéal Pounder), The Witches (Roald Dahl), and The Worst Witch (Jill Murphy), along with fans of the absurd humour of Mr Gum (Andy Stanton) and David Walliams. Ideal for kids who like a giggle!

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My books are available at Amazon on paperback, hardback and Kindle.

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